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Beaches of Port Dickson
Port Dickson is one of Malaysia's most popular beach destinations, owing to its strategic proximity to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore by major highways. The 16km or ten mile stretch of beaches begins from PD Town until it hits the tip of Cape Rachado, which crosses slightly over the border into Malacca. Each beach presents its own variety of infrastructure, hotels, activities and natural beauty - generally, the more remote spots will enjoy greater peace and environment (eg Pantai Purnama and Blue Lagoon), while popular beachside environments will offer more convenience in terms of accommodation and facilities (eg Teluk Kemang, Tanjung Gemuk and Cahaya Negeri).
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Beaches at Port Dickson
Saujana Beach Cahaya Negeri Teluk Kemang Pantai Purnama
Tanjung Gemuk Beach Saujana Beach Cahaya Negeri Beach Teluk Kemang Pantai Purnama Moonlight Beach
Bagan Pinang Tanjung Tuan Blue Lagoon Teluk Pelanduk
Pantai Cermin Beach Bagan Pinang Beach Tanjung Tuan Blue Lagoon Teluk Pelanduk